Solid Blood Red Polyester Tie

Rs. 999 Rs. 499

TMD’s solid ties are made of high quality material with a premium finish that makes sure to complete your suiting with grace. Whether you are going to a casual hangout or that important presentation that you’ve been preparing for a while, rest assured with TMD’s solid ties you will look your best.


  • Solid Blood Red Polyester Tie

  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyester

  • SIZE: The solid ties for men in Pakistan are best for men and boys. The skinny tie is about 2” width at its broadest which makes it slimmer than a traditional tie. The length of the tie is 57” and can easily fit an adult as tall as 6’2”.

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid machine washing or drying to ensure quality of your fabric and stitching. Use medium heat on crease and folds.

Solid Blood Red Polyester Tie
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